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Tamashii Robataya

Tamashii Robataya offers both visual and palate pleasure.

Within reasonable walking distance from the towering offices of the CBD is Tamashii Robataya, its location ideal for quick gourmet rejuvenation on a workday. A choice of executive business or regular set lunches are offered in the afternoon, though the restaurant keeps its a la carte menu on hand for those who prefer to linger.

The counter seats offer the best view of the elevated open kitchen and the wide array of market-fresh produce meant to whet appetites. The kitchen action before your eyes also makes the dining experience memorable. We can still taste the moreish flavours of an Award of Excellence dish of maitake mushrooms simply grilled with a delish butter soya sauce – even months later.


But the memory is made even more unforgettable by the spectacle of our chef placing the bowl on a samoji (small wooden oars used by Hokkaido fishermen to serve their catch of the day) and stretching out the wooden paddle to present it before us.

And where there’s no chance for them to act this out, the chefs deliver equally brilliant performances in the execution of dishes like beef donburi with tender slices of Saga A4 striploin, accompanied by a wobbly onsen egg; and a tender truffle chawanmushi that is lovely to inhale in every way.

Tamashii Robataya
12 North Canal Road
T 6222-0316

The full list of Singapore’s Best at
G Restaurant Awards 2016.

All tastings conducted incognito with esteemed members of G’s Food Panel.