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Melt Cafe

The Sunday brunch of choice for those who only allow Ruinart champagne to touch their flutes.

Many diners have enthused about the breadth and quality of dishes at Melt Cafe’s Sunday champagne brunch buffet. Joining the flow of guests streaming into the expansive space at noon, we are promptly seated and proffered glasses of “R” de Ruinart Brut champagne and complimentary cocktails. As it has a seating capacity of 340, you might think that those dining alfresco won’t see the best of the restaurant’s drinks service, but we never have to ask for a refill from the savvy staff.

Presented on marble counters – like stages – the different cuisines are generously spaced. Being able to take your time to ponder your choices without being jostled by other diners is a plus point.

Fresh lobsters on ice yield springy, creamy flesh.

Front and centre is the seafood section, where an array of shucked oysters, Boston lobsters, spanner crabs and more glisten on ice. We zero in on the lobster, and are not disappointed by its springy, creamy flesh.

Fresh seafood is clearly a highlight here. At the Japanese counter, you can have thick slices of sashimi with chilled soba noodles and dipping sauce. Beyond the oceanic smorgasbord, we also tucked into beautifully pan-seared morsels of foie gras, cooked to order and laced with the smoothness and complexity of fine French butter.

Mandarin Oriental’s popular Melt Cafe offers
a smorgasbord of robust Indian fare.

Also noteworthy is the North Indian section, where steam plumes from pots of thick, robust curries loaded with chunks of mutton or chicken. Continue your carnivorous streak at the carving station, where a whole roasted lamb, marbled and crisp with fat, awaits. And at the outdoor barbecue station, you can order steaks and ribs.

An interactive dessert station.

Skipping the Asian section, we find ourselves before the queen of desserts – the Valrhona chocolate fountain. Velvety sauce drizzled over freshly made waffles, plus bitter-sweet pralines, all washed down with more wine make the perfect end a decadent meal.


Level 4, Mandarin Oriental Singapore, S(039797)
T 6885-3500

The full list of Singapore’s Best at
G Restaurant Awards 2018.

All tastings conducted incognito with esteemed members of G’s Food Panel.