Photo: Harper's Bazaar Singapore, Ashley Mak

In an industry increasingly conscious of its environmental footprint, Lim Su Hui has emerged as a beacon of sustainable innovation. The graduate from LaSalle School of Arts triumph at the Harper’s BAZAAR NewGen Award 2023 is not just a personal victory but a significant moment for eco-conscious fashion.

Su Hui’s label, byū, and her collection “Homeland,” showcased at Noontalk Media, reflect a deep commitment to zero waste practices, a crucial step towards sustainable fashion.

(Left to right) Kennie Ting, Andrew Gn, Francis Escudero, Heart Evangelista, Gracia Phang. (Photo: Harper’s Bazaar Singapore, Chin Fan)

This prestigious award, a collaboration between Harper’s BAZAAR, Chanel, and Istituto Marangoni, serves as a testament to Su Hui’s ingenuity and dedication to eco-friendly design. The accolade brings with it a $10,000 cash prize and a 15-month master’s degree sponsorship at Istituto Marangoni’s London campus, worth over $55,000. Furthermore, her collection will gain exposure in an upcoming Harper’s BAZAAR Singapore fashion feature and will be retailed at Design Orchard.

A balance of heritage and sustainability

Kenneth Goh, Editor-In-Chief of Harper’s BAZAAR Singapore, lauded Su Hui for her innovative approach to pattern cutting and her collection’s inspiration drawn from the historical and aesthetic elements of Fort Canning. Her work, he noted, is a harmonious blend of storytelling, respect for Singapore’s heritage, and a commitment to reducing waste in fashion design.

The Harper’s BAZAAR NewGen Award, known for its rigorous selection process, evaluates finalists on talent, creativity, business acumen, and commercial viability. The 2023 panel included industry stalwarts like Vanessa Lim from Chanel, renowned Singapore Couturier Lai Chan, and Harper’s BAZAAR Singapore’s Kenneth Goh and Windy Aulia.

Since its inception in 2013, the Harper’s BAZAAR NewGen Fashion Award has been instrumental in identifying and nurturing talent in the fashion industry. This year’s finalists benefited from a comprehensive month-long advisorship program, focusing on essential industry skills such as social media strategy, content management, branding, and marketing.

Lim Su Hui’s collection. (Photo: Harper’s Bazaar Singapore, Ashley Mak)

Lim Su Hui’s achievement is a significant milestone in the fashion world, highlighting the growing importance of sustainable practices. Her success at the Harper’s BAZAAR NewGen Award 2023 is a clear indication that the future of fashion lies in innovative, eco-friendly design, setting a new standard for aspiring designers and established brands alike.

As the industry continues to evolve, Su Hui’s approach offers a blueprint for combining aesthetic appeal with environmental responsibility, a crucial balance for the future of fashion.