Jisoo featured in Dior Beauty's first ever WhatsApp campaign. Photo: Jisoo/Instagram

Dior Beauty has abandoned social networks for an industry-first campaign on WhatsApp, featuring one of its its global ambassadors, K-pop star Jisoo.

The objective? To offer a different and increasingly personalized experience to the brand’s community. It’s an original initiative that could inspire many other luxury brands.

On the brand’s Instagram Stories, Jisoo directly invites users to join her “exclusive WhatsApp group”. Simple and accessible, the concept allows a large number of people to access personalized content, themed on the behind-the-scenes aspects of Jisoo’s role as an ambassador.

The product at the center of this innovative campaign is the new Dior Addict Shine lipstick. Dior partnered with the Infobip platform to offer users the possibility to interact with a chatbot representing Jisoo. Users have the option of choosing what content they want to receive, and can, of course, access links to the brand’s new lipsticks in order to buy them.

Technology has long been used by the fashion industry to help it grow its community and build loyalty, but also to offer increasingly innovative customer experiences. In the near future, this is likely to occur via exploration of the metaverse, the deployment of connected stores, and hyper-personalization, as revealed in a recent report from McKinsey and The Business of Fashion.

Dior Beauty’s campaign could mark a turning point in the way brands interact with their communities to offer more innovative, interactive and personalised experiences.

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