vallebak Indestructible hoodie

What if your clothes could outlast — well, pretty much anything? That’s the question that UK-based apparel company Vollebak has always tried to answer with its kit. They have taken the humble hoodie and remade it to literally withstand a hypothetical trip to Mars.

Their latest release looks away from the dusty red planet and sets its eyes squarely on outerwear for everyday use. We’re talking about the hoodie, now made nigh indestructible by way of a Dyneema, Cordura and Elastane weave.

The first of those is a material, gram-for-gram, 15 times stronger than steel. Which is why the hoodie’s hardy enough to withstand a simulated motorcycle fall at 75km/h and drag on concrete with nary a mark. Not that it’s the kind of kit you’d be wearing to protect yourself when cruising through the countryside on your Harley, of course — it’s just a demonstration of the hoodie’s resistance to less-than-ideal conditions.

A hoodie that can be worn for a lifetime

But the hoodie also fares exceedingly well against the slow march of time, vis-à-vis day-to-day use. Its durability is thanks to the Cordura, which has exceptional resistance to abrasions.

Against a different test replicating the friction of a mechanical nub rubbing thousands of times against fabric, the indestructible hoodie outperformed conventional polyester fabrics by four times, which Vollebak claims is “equivalent to a lifetime’s wear”. 

The Elastane in the blend also helps with elasticity and stretchability, making for a hoodie both resilient and comfy. And especially since it’s only 1mm thick, the hoodie is perfect to roll up and stuff in your day pack. You can be at ease knowing that you have a wind-beater with you whenever you may need it.

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Hoodie produced by Italian craftsmen

Indestructible hoodie Black 1464

Production of these hoodies take place in a specialist Italian mill whose main customers are the Italian military and Swedish police. They craft fire-proof gear or full body suits to protect bikers. So you have the assurance that it’s something that will last for a lifetime – with a price to match. The pieces are available directly from Vollebak’s website for a hefty £495 (S$814) in two colours. 

There, you can also find their other off-the-wall creations including a fire-resistant sweater made from old firefighter suits and bulletproof vests and a light-capturing jacket.

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