#WatchYaGot Chng Kai Cheng

What made me decide to buy the GMT Sport:

“I bought it last year as a celebration of where I am at in my journey in life. Firstly, I wanted something exclusive, where only 10 other people could share the joy of ownership (Editor’s note: The GMT Sport in red gold is a limited edition of 11 pieces). A little above that, I felt that I would love to support Greubel Forsey as it embodies ideals of craftsmanship and persistent excellence in a wearable artwork, as opposed to watch brands that may heavily represent popular trends.”

Why it’s fine that most people don’t recognise a Greubel Forsey:

“As a watch collector, and not a watchmaker, I do not take this hobby nor myself too seriously. A Greubel Forsey is not a piece that I would buy with the hope that others will understand what I have on my wrist, because, truth be told, the brand caters to a niche crowd. With the GMT Sport, one first has to like the distinctive look of the watch.

“You also have to be fine with the fact that not many people might appreciate a tourbillon fitted into a large, egg-shaped sports watch, and that it might be compared to other watches at a similar price level that are deemed better financial investments. This watch speaks to me and represents something personal to me on so many levels that I had to get it as an act of defiance.”

Greubel Forsey GMT Sport in red gold

One of my earliest memories of the brand:

“Years ago, I met with a renowned watch collector, who had also created a watch fund. Sitting on his wrist was the classic Greubel Forsey GMT on a leather strap. As a bright-eyed 20-something then, engaging with a person with his level of achievements, and seeing him wear a watch that few would know or even get to see or handle in person, I knew that one day, I had to own something from the brand to mark a special occasion.”

Why I opted for a sporty model for my first Greubel Forsey:

“My lifestyle rarely requires me to be in formal attire or a suit. Greubel Forsey has always made impeccable dress watches but never a sporty timepiece. When they finally integrated their signature 3D globe into a sports watch, it made sense for me to get involved with the brand.”

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Chng Kai Cheng watch collector
Chng Kai Cheng

What it feels like on the wrist:

“I thought the watch head might move around because of its heft, but was pleasantly surprised that the rubber strap kept the watch head snugly on my wrist, with absolutely zero give. Don’t be scared away by its large diameter (45mm) as the case and lugs work well together to look well-proportioned on my 6.75-inch (17.1 cm) wrist.”

The kind of activities I wear the GMT Sport for:

“There is a video on Instagram where a tennis player smashes a ball right into this watch — only for it to continue keeping time perfectly. I, however, have only smashed down whisky shots while having this watch on my wrist. The only other vaguely strenuous activity I occasionally engage in with regard to the watch is squeezing my left eye over a loupe, and getting lost in the intricacies of the watch’s dial, markers, anglage and a whole lot more.”

Other Greubel Forsey timepieces I’m eyeing:

“I am particularly drawn to the brand’s other sports watch that was just released, the Balancier S2, for its impeccable finish and polish. I held it in person and was blown away by the mirror finish within the dial. I’m not doing it justice with my description; people have to see it in the metal!”

Greubel Forsey GMT Sport in red gold

All images courtesy of Chng Kai Cheng.