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8 extra-premium ingredients and how to tell them apart

Industry experts impart tips on how to recognise top quality premium ingredients such as truffles, caviar and foie gras.

These days, premium ingredients like caviar and foie gras are mere clicks away from your doorstep. Yet how can one tell that they’re getting their money’s worth? The Peak enlists industry experts for advice on how to identify the best-quality ingredients.

  • 01: Abalone

    Japanese restaurant Nami’s head chef, Shigeo Akiba, states that the best abalone should have firm flesh that's sweet and briny. They should be about 20cm in size, and be eight to ten years of age, as taste can deteriorate with further aging.

    Different types of abalone also differ in preparation. Ezo Abalone is popular as a sashimi dish due to its firmness. Chef Akiba’s preference is to use the Megai variety for steamed or sauteed dishes due to its yielding meat. Kuro Awabi (black abalone) is popular for its sweet, delicate flavour and chewiness.