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7 bakeries to satisfy your carb cravings

You can still get your fill of pastries and sourdough – these bakeries in Singapore will remain open despite extended circuit breaker measures.

Recent extended circuit breaker measures in Singapore include the closure of hairdressers and barbers, as well as many more F&B establishments – including bubble tea chains, causing a mad rush for the sweet treat last night.

However, the line is a little blurry where it comes to baked goods. Shops dedicated to sweet pastries and confectioneries are closed, while bakeries remain open for takeaway and delivery. Many establishments, however, often serve up a variety of sweet and savoury options – here’s some of them that will remain open. For now, look to these to sate any cravings for the rest of the extended circuit breaker period in Singapore.

  • Circuit Breaker Bakery Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory

    Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory

    For everything dairy, Japanese fine confectioners Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory will deliver with the hope that “your cheeks drop”, an expression used in Japan when something delicious is eaten. Their mascarpone-filled puffs, cheesecakes and cookies that use imported dairy from France and Hokkaido might just achieve that.

    Call or Whatsapp 9248-8476.


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