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Father’s Day 2020: Home feasts for delivery and takeaway to celebrate the day

From massive bone-in steaks to succulent, juicy lobsters, these home deliveries and takeaways are sure to sate any appetite. And yes, beer’s involved.

Father’s Day 2020 is just around the corner (give or take two weeks), and things aren’t looking good when it comes to dining out to celebrate the day. Well at least we are being fair to mum; she had to spend Mother’s Day getting delivery or takeaway as well.

Be that as it may, restaurants are continuing to put out great grub that’s well-suited to the tastes of dad: whether that means meat, and a lot of it, or hearty seafood options like lobsters, crabs and more. Not forgetting a bit of liquid encouragement, especially since we’ll be stuck indoors for a couple of weeks yet – so why not arrive with a six-pack or two, and bring along some heart-warming feasts from the restaurants we’re featuring below.

  • Father's Day 2020 delivery takeaway Lumo


    Restaurant bar Lumo headed by chef Martin Wong serves up unfussy contemporary European fare best described as elevated bar bites. Their three-day dry-aged chicken drummettes are delightfully crispy despite being well drenched in a spicy glaze, and are worth every calorie. We’re also fond of their take on steak frites. They use ribeye, which is a cut above your usual flank or striploin commonly found in the bar snack, with a smoky char from their restaurant’s wood fire grill that really kicks it up a notch. For non-beef eaters, opt for the Sakura bone-in pork chop. If you’re wondering, yes, it’s perfectly okay for it to be pink - especially when it’s been beautifully cooked sous-vide before that final sear on the grill. From Jun 15 to 21, any orders above $180 will nett you a bottle of Douglas Hill Merlot - else, there’s a wide selection of personalisable aperitifs, sours and three-parters if your father has a favourite pour.

    Order here or Whatsapp 8921-3818.



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