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Lulu’s Lounge in Pan Pacific is a bar with personality

Inspired by the '60s, the regular bar entertainment gets a boost with interesting live shows and nostalgic music.

If there’s one thing you can learn from Lulu, the imaginary just-past-her-prime New York party girl that inspired Pan Pacific Singapore’s latest nightlife tenant, it’s that you can never be too old to loosen that tie and revel. Lulu’s Lounge is opened by SJS Group founders Joshua and Sarissa Schwartz – of Employees Only, Bang Bang and Pangaea fame – in partnership with the Prive Group. And the duo’s track record of fusing sophistication with boozy merriment will be sure to draw fans like white-collared moths to a psychedelic flame.

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    SETTING THE SCENE Expect kitschy touches – like feather boas and an antique jukebox – to daub the interior.

“We created this protagonist, Lulu, who is a brash, partying, loud-mouthed mafia girl, and we wondered what it would feel like if she were to open a lounge in the ’60s,” says Joshua. They didn’t take it too literally though, because despite their risque muse, Lulu’s Lounge still oozes class and even raises the typical bar experience with regular and diverse live entertainment. Jazz acts or bizarre stripteases may take the stage in the early evening, while the later hours will welcome a regular or guest DJ who will spin hip-hop, funk, disco and dancehall that is “intelligent, old-school and nostalgic”, according to Sarissa. We assure you it’s a deeply intoxicating mix that will appeal to you and not your interns.

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The cocktails here are unsurprising (all classics with a twist) but effective, as are the bar snacks, which include stalwarts like charcuterie and wagyu beef sliders. Consider them sustenance for a long night of dancing – and trust us you will want to – because from Wednesday to Saturday, Lulu will be hanging up her feather boa only at 6am.

Pan Pacific Hotel. Tel: 6336-8111.