Samar Sen, Talos’ head of APAC

Many financial technologists believe digital assets and the blockchain technology that powers them will revolutionise the world of finance. Average investors will thereby have access to exciting new investment products previously illiquid or only accessible to the wealthy.

Today, sending money to your family abroad is instant and practically free. No middlemen are involved. These new global networks will run on the pipes and plumbing owned by the community, not a few large banks or technology companies.

It’s an ambitious vision based on powerful new ideas and technology — but revolutions don’t happen overnight. We aim to make access to these assets as frictionless and intuitive as possible while pushing the boundaries of technology.

When building a financial platform that is fast, easy, and a delight to use, creative skills play a surprisingly outsized role. Creative thinkers innovate by borrowing ideas from multiple fields and combining them in new ways. Our product designers were inspired by music production and visual effects software to create graphical user interfaces never before seen in finance.

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Photo: Macrovector / Shutterstock

In the past, investors had to monitor a dozen different platforms to perform investment tasks. Now, for the first time, they can handle the full end-to-end investment lifecycle — trading, settlement, safekeeping, treasury, lending, borrowing, risk-managing — from just one screen via the use of flexible panels, adaptive menus, and clever data visualisations.

Even better, they can perform all these actions in real-time.

Artists challenge the status-quo and can reframe problems to find paths forward. In the context of the financial investment industry, instead of building uninspiring products that iterate on top of the old mainframe infrastructure of today’s restrictive financial system, our engineers and designers are leveraging the power of blockchains and design-thinking to work outside existing boundaries and unleash a completely new paradigm of capabilities.

Talos values multidisciplinary thinking for these reasons. Excellent computer programmers, mathematicians, and data scientists are needed but if these professionals also have the verve of musicians, designers, or artists, their hybrid skillsets will help us achieve our goal of simplifying access to this asset class, creating a new financial system in the process.