ash wood turntable

[dropcap size=small]A[/dropcap]s essential as turntables are to audiophiles’ homes, they often adopt a “metal box” aesthetic which can be less than complementary with many interiors. Fortunately, the vinyl revival‘s spurred waves of innovation as audio brands crank out designs to meet the surge in demand.

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A recent tasteful addition to the turntable roster is this collaboration piece between Californian based woodworking / audio company Audiowood and curative tastemakers Uncrate.

Hewn from a cross-section of an ash tree, the ebonised Barky turntable looks right at home in any decor scheme that is heavy on wood or organic undertones. A glass platter helps preserve the clean look when the turntable is unladen.

The cartridge and tonearm hail from the esteemed Rega audio firm in Essex, England, known for their award-winning products in the field. Almost no setup required – the Barky comes pre-aligned, so you can literally plug, and play. Enquiries and purchase information at the Uncrate website.