Minjung Kim's Oneness at Aloft, Hermes

01: Oneness

[dropcap size=small]A[/dropcap]n exhibition of mountain paintings by contemporary Korean artist Minjung Kim, “Oneness” is now showing at Aloft at Hermes. The artworks are realised through Chinese ink painting on hanji mulberry paper, making up a set of mountainscapes in motion that invite visitors to disconnect from their hectic lives to appreciate the vastness of the universe.

Apr 27 – Jul 30
Aloft at Hermes, Liat Towers


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02: Panopticon

Italian artist Massimo Giannoni presents 27 large oil paintings for Partners & Mucciaccia Art Gallery. Using the vibrant colours and distinctive textures afforded by oil, Giannoni paints the places where he has been inspired, like the Specola.

May 12 – Sep 24
Partners & Mucciaccia, Gillman Barracks


03: Hyperrealism

Opera Gallery - Hyperrealism
Photo: Opera Gallery

A showcase of hyperrealistic masterpieces by American sculptor Marc Sijan and Italian painter Roberto Bernadi, “Hyperrealism: The artist as an illusionist” is as provoking as it is captivating. The detailed renderings of life and form make one question and reflect on the illusion of reality.

May 5 – May 21
Opera Gallery, Ion Orchard


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