01:  Steinway Spirio


No matter how good a digital recording, the richness of tones coming from a speaker will never match that emanating from a grand piano. With piano maker Steinway & Sons’ latest creation, you can listen to concert-quality music even if you are nowhere near a music hall. The Steinway Spirio features a ghost player. The keys are capable of reproducing pieces from the greats – by themselves. Listen to Gershwin’s “I Got Rhythm” and five-time Grammy Award winner Arthur Rubinstein’s interpretation of Chopin’s “Military” Polonaise in A major, Op 40, No. 1, at their highest quality. A complimentary iPad comes with every Steinway Spirio and more than 45 songs are added monthly to the music library of over 1,700 artists.

Steinway Gallery Singapore, #01-01A Palais Renaissance.

02: Carlo Pessina’s Animal Prints Collection


Milanese designer Carlo Pessina fuses fashion and furniture with the inclusion of animal prints in his latest furniture collection. Made with polished white terrazzo and Black Sea penshell, the pieces will inject pizzazz into streamlined modern decor. Most importantly, the striking monochromatic colours show you’ve got style and are not afraid to flaunt it.


03: Cappellini’s Peacock Chair


With the sheer number of chairs in the market, how does one design a seat that stands out? Italian designer Dror Benshetrit turns to the beauty queen of birds for inspiration, collaborating with furniture label Cappellini to create the Peacock. The chair is made with a single sheet of felt covering a metal base, flaring out in folds similar to the striking feathers of its namesake. Functionally, it emulates the qualities of peacock feathers – lightweight yet strong when correctly positioned.

Dream, 456 River Valley Road.