[dropcap size=small]L[/dropcap]uxury Japanese fountain pen Namiki, an offshoot of pen manufacturer Pilot, will be launching three new designs for its high-end ranges Emperor and Yukari in November. The brand is famed for its Maki-e lacquer work (gold powder on lacquer) on its pens, with master Japanese artists from Kokkokai, a select group of Maki-e specialists formed in 1931, individually handcrafting each piece.

To note: Japanese pen nibs also differ from their western counterparts, featuring triangular tips tailored to writing Japanese and Chinese characters with complicated strokes; Western pens have rounder tips better suited for English cursive writing. Namiki also features a range of 15 nib sizes from extra fine to double broad, catering to the individual preference of users.

The Namiki Yukari Shooting Stars and Namiki Yukari Milky Way retail at a humble $3,210, while the Namiki Emperor Dragon goes for an eyebrow-raising $12,840. For more information, visit www.pilot-namiki.com/en.