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3 New & Beautiful Japanese Fountain Pens by Namiki

If you aren't full on Parkers and Montblancs, try this esteemed Japanese brand on for size.

Luxury Japanese fountain pen Namiki, an offshoot of pen manufacturer Pilot, will be launching three new designs for its high-end ranges Emperor and Yukari in November. The brand is famed for its Maki-e lacquer work (gold powder on lacquer) on its pens, with master Japanese artists from Kokkokai, a select group of Maki-e specialists formed in 1931, individually handcrafting each piece.

To note: Japanese pen nibs also differ from their western counterparts, featuring triangular tips tailored to writing Japanese and Chinese characters with complicated strokes; Western pens have rounder tips better suited for English cursive writing. Namiki also features a range of 15 nib sizes from extra fine to double broad, catering to the individual preference of users.

  • Namiki Yukari Milky Way

    Symbolising Japan’s Tanabata (Star festival) through the design of the Milky Way, created using the Togidashi (burnished) Maki-e technique. Available in fine, medium and broad nibs.

The Namiki Yukari Shooting Stars and Namiki Yukari Milky Way retail at a humble $3,210, while the Namiki Emperor Dragon goes for an eyebrow-raising $12,840. For more information, visit