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5 Asian Skincare Beauty Brands on the Rise in Singapore

By Asians, for Asians - and three of them are homegrown.

Asian skincare houses are flourishing. Here are five leading the charge, including three homegrown brands.


    Upmarket South Korean skincare brand History of Whoo (“whoo” has been anglicised and it means “empress”) draws upon historical skincare recipes of royalty and national figureheads for its products with natural anti-age ingredients. Cognac lovers will find the men’s line familiar – the bottles are styled after such carafes for masculine overtones.

    The Ja Yang Skin Serum contains ginseng cordyceps that is said to regulate cell oxidation, plus a concoction of tea-based ingredients that aims to keep skin taut. Bonus points for the musky scent and clean feel after application. Available at Tangs Plaza Level 1, or online (click image).