[dropcap size=small]A[/dropcap]s Asia’s well-heeled and industry captains increasingly realise the conveniences of business aviation – time efficiency and absolute privacy are big attractions – it is little wonder that aircraft makers are pulling out all the stops to win them over.

From covering ultra-long ranges and building the largest cabin for ultimate comfort to travelling at nearly the speed of sound, the newest plane models are jam-packed with nifty features and technological advancements to give prospective buyers plenty of options. Here, we look at five of the latest private jets that are as handsome as they are practical time machines.

01: Embraer Legacy 500 – TAKING ON THE BIG BOYS

PRICE ESTIMATE US$20 million (S$27.5 million)
RANGE 5,788km
CABIN LWH 12.95m / 2.10m / 1.82m
MAX CAPACITY 12 passengers
BAGGAGE CAPACITY 4.39 cubic metres

It might be technically classified as midsized, but the Embraer Legacy 500 has all the trappings to take on its larger cousins with its generous cabin proportions. Having recently made news when Jackie Chan took delivery of his own such plane, the Legacy 500 is regarded as the world’s most technologically advanced midsized executive jet. It has the deftness to land at airports with shorter runways, which could be a deciding factor for some buyers. Ideal for frequent business travel within Asia, it can reach as far as Japan without refuelling, bar Hokkaido.

02: Dassault Falcon 7X – The GREENER RIDE

PRICE ESTIMATE US$53.8 million (S$74.1 million)
RANGE 11,019km
CABIN LWH 11.91m / 2.34m / 1.88m
MAX CAPACITY 12 passengers
BAGGAGE CAPACITY 4 cubic metres

It is no trivial matter that Prince Albert II of Monaco has chosen the Dassault 7X as his default ride in the air. Known for being a strong supporter of environmental issues, the Prince reportedly selected the aircraft for its fuel efficiency and reduced carbon emission levels.

Also important to
note is the jet’s ability to land and take off on relatively short runways, like that of London City Airport and Lugano Airport in the Swiss Alps. Later this year, the French maker is launching an 8X version that will add 926km to its range.

03: Gulfstream G650 – Nearly the Speed of Sound


PRICE ESTIMATE US$65 million ($89.6 million)
RANGE 12,964km
CABIN LWH 14.27m / 2.59m / 1.95m
MAX CAPACITY 18 passengers
BAGGAGE CAPACITY 5.52 cubic metres

Pressed for time? The Gulfstream G650 cuts the travel time of a 10.5-hour flight from Los Angeles to London by at least 30 minutes, and of a 14-hour flight from New York to Tokyo by almost an hour, compared to other similar sized planes. Accommodating up to 18 passengers, the plane is said to offer the tallest, longest and widest cabin in its class and offers the flexibility of 12 floor plans, so one can customise configurations that best suit meeting, entertainment and relaxation needs.

04: Cessna Citation Latitude – EASE OF MOBILITY

Textron Cessna Latitude

PRICE ESTIMATE US$16.25 million (S$22.4 million)
RANGE 5,278km
CABIN LWH 6.63m / 1.96m / 1.83m
MAX CAPACITY 9 passengers
BAGGAGE CAPACITY 3.6 cubic metres

With increased regional connectivity, the way business is conducted is rapidly changing. And, sometimes, travelling via a smaller plane is the only way to do business. The Cessna Citation Latitude is known for its short-field performance, which is ideal for accessing a greater number of smaller airports, especially if you travel often between major regional and domestic city pairs in Asia like Beijing-Hong Kong (flight time is under three hours, about 30 minutes less than commercial flights).

Even though it is a mid-sized carrier, its 10 aircraft windows, which are 25 per cent larger than those of other Cessnas, defy the traditional feel of aircraft in the same size segment and increase the amount of natural light flooding the interior – an instant mood elevator.

05: Bombardier Global 6000- The COMFORTS OF HOME


PRICE ESTIMATE US$62.3 million (S$85.8 million)
RANGE 11,112km
CABIN LWH 13.18m / 2.41m / 1.88m
MAX CAPACITY 14 passengers
BAGGAGE CAPACITY 5.52 cubic metres

If the ordeal of enduring a non-stop 13-hour flight from Singapore to London could be alleviated with all the comforts of home and a few hours of productive work connected to digital networks, perhaps fewer frequent travellers would lament the necessity of long-haul flights to reach the world’s financial centres.

That’s what the Bombardier Global 6000 promises. The aircraft is also able to fly higher than commercial airlines, which translates
to higher speed cruise, less time spent in the air and a smoother ride. Interiors features such as longer seats, optimised cabin humidity and quieter in-flight environment help with improving quality rest so one hits the ground running, upon landing.