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The $65,000 dollar lighter for watch lovers

Inspired by the movement of watches, French manufacturer S.T. Dupont's Complication Lighter is made of 200 parts.

If anyone’s going to light anything in style, it’s going to be with the Complication Lighter by S.T. Dupont, a French manufacturer of luxury curios. Even without its giveaway name, any fan of haute horlogerie will be able to tell that the lighter’s inspiration came from the ticking arts.


The skeletonised case comprises 200 parts and is available in full palladium, or yellow gold and palladium finish. Nine rubies have also been added to enhance the illusion of a watch movement. But it’s not all just for show. To ensure a feeling of true ownership, the lighter cap can be opened only after entering a three-digit code of your choice. Sliders on the case will also allow you to choose between a yellow or blue flame, soft or wind-proof.

The Complication Lighter is made to order and priced at $65,000. Expect a minimum of three months for delivery.