From the wooden trunks and leather cases of the past to today’s zipped and wheeled contraptions, the evolution of luggage is set to take a leap with the incorporation of smart technology.

“Suitcases haven’t seen much innovation for several decades. So, we set about reimagining how a suitcase for this century should be,” says Alejo Verlini, industrial designer for travel technology company Bluesmart. The team has come up with smart luggage that can tell you the weather conditions of your next destination and track your travel trends with a built-in app.

Samsung and Samsonite also announced in May 2015 their collaborative efforts to create accessibly-priced smart travel bags. Come November of the same year, Samsonite’s Tru-Frame collection featuring a built-in weighing scale will hit stores. The team is also in the research stages of creating self-propelling bags that can follow their owners using Bluetooth connectivity, and bags that can send owners a message when they’re on the carousel belt.

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Bluesmart has created a companion application that tracks the number of miles you (or rather, your luggage) travelled. The application also reflects the weather conditions of your next destination. Not sure if you should pack that heavy-set jacket? Ask your suitcase. This super-connected luggage also boasts 3G+GPS connectivity, USB chargers and a Bluetooth-enabled remote lock.



Let missing luggage be the last thing on your mind when you land. The new GPS-based technology by American brand Trunkster helps you track your luggage from anywhere in the world. While the GPS feature is sold as a separate upgrade, other nifty features – such as a built-in digital scale, and a removable battery and an integrated USB charger – are found in all units.



Stay ahead of the curve in beating baggage restrictions with just a touch of a button. Samsonite and Samsung have joined hands to create a special version of Samsonite’s Tru-Frame collection which comes with a built-in digital scale. This means you can find out just how heavy your luggage is, by simply pressing a button next to a small LED screen.