With half the world stuck at home, the computer has become the focal point in many’s lives – especially for an entire generation raised on video games. Hours are now spent in front of a screen, and it’s time to inject a little pizzaz into computer time. Crank up the processing power, and add a little design-forwardness into your experience – whether you’re walking strange worlds in virtual reality, crushing your online enemies, or poring over those spreadsheets – with these curated setups.


Focal Point

A place where you’re inspired to create should have a minimalist work table surrounded by wood and metal accents. Keep things compact to leave more room for imagination.

work desk

Table: Labofa 65

Chair: Labofa 11.1 four-legged

Side lamp: Nuura Blossi Floor 023 in Nordic Gold

Art: Mette Handberg Golden Abstract Art Print PC: Dreamcore Fuel

Monitor: SuperSolid XG340R Ultimate

Keyboard: Anne Pro 2 with custom wood case

Mouse: Logitech MX Master 3 Wireless


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Battle Stations

Being desk-bound doesn’t mean you can’t add a little style to your surroundings.

Work desk

Table: Houe Sketch Table (P5 Studio Singapore)

Pendant light: Viabizzuno Sul Pendant (P5 Luminaire)

Lit shelves: Viabizzuno Mensole (P5 Luminaire)

Monitor: SuperSolid XG340R Ultimate

Keyboard: SuperSolid Dreamtype DT-001

Mouse: Logitech MX Master 3 Wireless


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