Take a walk with Architours for a first-hand experience of how architecture shapes the lives of those in and around it.

This year, the festival is hosting eight tours to 24 locations across Singapore, including the retrofitted Warehouse Hotel, colonial monument Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall, and Stark House, a home that opens directly into the greenery surrounding it.

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The tours are led by volunteer docents from The Architecture Society at the National University of Singapore and partner schools.

Each guided tour goes to three locations, where an architect involved in the designing of the place will be present to share about the design process.

Participants will get to hear about how these structures came to be or are preserved.

For example, Tour 2 starts at the refurbished Jurong Town Hall built in 1975, followed by a visit to Rainbow Centre’s school in Margaret Drive, a special education school with spaces tailored to the requirements of special needs children.

The last stop is The Vagabond Club in Syed Alwi Road, an adapted Art Deco building.

“Architects craft spaces and, to fully appreciate the merits of these designs, you have to experience them in person and feel for yourself the subtleties and nuances of the spaces,” says Mr Alvan Ng, 25, director of Architours this year.

“Tour participants can expect honest conversations with the architects and to understand the thoughts driving how pen meets paper.”

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This story was first published in The Straits Times. Photo courtesy of The Architecture Society.