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Are we ready for autonomous vehicles?

Man vs (smart) machine. Would you trust the bots to take the wheel?

Jennifer Chen

I trust humans to make the moral judgement when there is a dilemma on the road.

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After many vexatious encounters with drivers who rely blindly on GPS – one challenged my oft-taken route, and insisted I reimburse him if it turned out to be longer than the jammed expressway – I think AI will be far superior in interpersonal relations. At least there won’t be any doubt I’m dealing with a machine, so no ruined mornings.

 Adeline Wong

In a time where many talk without speaking, conversations with taxi drivers become all the more precious. Plus, they always know where to find the best food in town.

 Denise Kok
Features Editor

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Lynette Koh
Watches & Fashion Editor

I believe that human error (and, sometimes, downright idiocy) are key causes of road accidents. I see no reason to think that an AI driver would be less safe than a person. Besides, so few drivers seem to be able to find their way around without using GPS these days – we might as well cut out the middleman.
When humans put their lives in the hands of smart technology, their user data can get hacked and stolen, or worse, they can lose their lives. Let’s support local taxi drivers for now.  
Fazlie Hashim
Art Director

Photo credit: Bosch