How many times have you played make-believe secret agent as a kid?  Well the car manufacturing industry has finally caught up with our imaginations.  Aston Martin has partnered up with The Little Car Company to start production of a new line of DB5 vehicles, only this time 2/3 of the original size.

The two models to be manufactured in 2021, DB5 Junior and DB5 Vantage Junior, are kid-sized cars, modelled to a T after the full-sized Aston Martin DB5. Features include the iconic Aston Martin logo and DB5 badge planted in all the same places as the 1963 model, functional Smiths instruments on the dashboard, black leather upholstery with a black carpet floor, a working trunk, and the all too familiar sleek silver birch colourway that was featured on our childhood screens.  Unfortunately, Q’s spy gadgets will not be included – not that they should be in the hands of a child.

Aston Martin DB5 Junior Kid's Car Dashboard

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In light of it being a sweet ride for children however, the engine will be battery-powered, with significantly less horse power than the actual  thing. It can, however, hit significant top speeds of 30 mph in “Expert” mode, and 12 mph for the “Novice” mode, with 6.7 and 1.3 horsepower respectively.  “Race” mode though, will peg the mini vehicle against any Little Car Company vehicles nearby to engage in a little friendly competition, on a level playing field. Only the Vantage model will contain an extra setting that allows for 13.4 hp.

Designed with parental guidance in mind, the car measures 3m long and 1.1m wide to accommodate for a parent and child to fit comfortably. The range of movement for the miniature cars will also be limited and has a remote kill switch in case the little rascals get too far away.

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The DB5 Junior model will be going for £35,000 ($63.599 SGD) and the Vantage Junior model at £45,000 ($81,770 SGD).  There will only be 1,059 units to be produced emulating the original “Goldfinger” production all those years ago.