The Aston Martin DBX 707 is touted as the world’s most powerful luxury SUV (Photo credit: Aston Martin)

Aston Martin DBX707: Luxury goes ferocious

The British marque has outdone itself. Its new DBX SUV iteration produces 707 brake horsepower from a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V-8 engine, claims a top speed of 193mph, and does the century sprint in 3.3 seconds. That means it’s perfectly capable of outrunning all other SUVs and 4x4s on the road (not that we’re issuing a challenge). 

Improved launch power aside, the DBX707 has also built on the hallmarks of the original to deliver even more driving pleasure. Adoption of a new 9-speed wet clutch gearbox enables faster, more direct gear changes, while new damper valves and a recalibration of the adaptive air suspension system improves body control and steering response. To quote Tobias Moers, Aston Martin Chief Executive Officer: “[The DBX707] is the fastest, most powerful, best handling and most engaging car of its kind.”

Looks-wise, the new DBX is both overtly sporty and irresistibly suave—benefiting from an enlarged front grille flanked by LED daytime running lights, new lip spoiler, and brawny rear bumper with quarter panel vents. There’s lots of gloss black and satin chrome accents too. Start configuring your own. 

Bentley is upgrading is carbon-neutral facility in Crewe, England (Photo credit: Bentley)

Bentley: Five EVs and carbon neutral by 2030

Volkswagen-owned Bentley is going on a product offensive. It is adding five new electric vehicles (EV) to its range by 2030, with the first—a high-riding saloon—arriving in 2025. Already a leader in luxury hybrids with its Flying Spur PHEV and Bentayga PHEV models, the firm’s EV blitz accelerates its 2019 commitment to going all-electric by 2030.

While little has been detailed about the models, the first EV will be entirely designed, developed and produced at Bentley’s historic headquarters in Crewe, England. The ramp up is aided by a fresh £2.5 billion (S$4.57 billion) “sustainable investment”, which will also see the already carbon-neutral Crewe facility receive further upgrades. Among them, an expansion of on-site energy (solar) production. Interestingly, it is also investigating the use of biofuel in fleet cars, including its iconic Heritage Collection of classic cars.

Bentley previously announced it would end production of its internal combustion models in 2026.

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Audi timed the launch of its new Audi Tradition app to the opening of its special exhibition Der fünfte Ring (Photo credit: Audi)

Audi: Visit its museum on your phone

You’re not in Bavaria but would still like to appreciate the classic cars at the famed Audi Museum Mobile in Ingolstadt. Well, Audi has you covered. This week, it released its Audi Tradition app (available for iOS and Android) that was designed to offer more than one can even experience in person. Every exhibit, from the 1903 Horch 10-12PS Tonneau to the Audi Allroad Quatro from 2001, is detailed with reading material, photos and audio guides. Some also offer 360-degree views and the opportunity of going inside the car (an absolute no-no IRL). The launch of the app coincides with the opening of special exhibition Der fünfte Ring, which casts a spotlight on NSU, the oldest predecessor brand in the history of Audi. 

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Mercedes-Maybach : S-Class and GLS SUV glide into town

Maybach has made a spectacular return and it speaks the language of uber luxury. Now double badged as a Mercedes sub-brand—in the vein of the high-performance Mercedes-AMG or BMW M—its two new models share the name of the S-Class and GLS-Class but double down on the superlative. As Claudius Steinhoff, President & CEO of Daimler South East Asia/Mercedes-Benz Singapore, says: “[They] represent the pinnacle of unparalleled driver and passenger experiences.” 

Particularly suitable for chauffeured driving, the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class has an 18 cm longer wheelbase compared to the long variant of the Mercedes-Benz and more refined appointments including calf massage, adaptive lighting and electrically operated comfort rear doors. And let’s not forget the power move of opting for a two-tone finish. 

The flagship SUV, on the other hand, is for those who demand power in a velvet glove. Both suspension tuning and drive comfort were specially perfected for the Mercedes-Maybach GLS, ensuring poise and assurance on the road. An imposing grille, large panoramic roof and multi-spoke wheels underscore its elite status.