With the global Covid-19 pandemic virtually shutting down every motorsport events, racing has gone, well, virtual. Enter The Race, an online-only platform that aims to be the new global home for motorsports – both online and on the track. Launched just this year in February by Canadian esports and gaming company Torque Esports, the platform has become home to The Race All-Star series, a virtual competition comprising some of motorsports biggest names that includes real-world racers, legends from the sport’s history, and the top virtual racers in the world.

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Now, British sports car marque Aston Martin‘s racing team enters the fray and makes its esports debut by joining The Race All-star series in its second season. Three of the brand’s works drivers will be competing in the event’s Pro Cup, which pits current professional racers against each other – off the tracks – over five weeks of events. Team Captain Darren Turner, three-times 24 Hours of Le Mans class winner, will be entering in the separate Legends Trophy event, which is reserved for the best in motorsports’ history.

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Darren Turner
Darren Turner

Racers compete on the rFactor 2 PC platform, a racing simulator developed by American software company Image Space Incorporated. Developed to be modified and customised, the piece of software is also used by racing teams for driving training, and by marques for race car development. Extremely detailed, the simulator is set apart from most commercially-developed games with features like dynamic road conditions – including the amount of rubber laid on tracks after a race – and fuel usage.’

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“Esports is emerging as an important new strand of the sport and a great place to nurture and hone racing skills. The Race All-Star Cup has proved highly entertaining and attracted an extremely high calibre of driver and is the perfect place for us to take our first steps into the esports universe,” says David King, President of Aston Martin Racing.


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