August & Wonder The Market_1

Who ever said art had to be impractical and boring? In the world of kinetic sculptures, the art lies in its movement. And for “The Market” by American company August and Wonder, in its movement lies the very pulse of the world’s capital markets.

Designed to encapsulate the binary pattern of the financial world, the sculpture features a bear on one end of a scale and a bull on the other — representing either a bear or bull market. Powered by Wi-Fi connectivity and the internet, the scale will then teeter to either side, depending on the current state of the stock markets.

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In short, this elegant desktop piece not only makes for great decoration, but also helps you to keep track of where the world’s money is moving toward — and, by extension, your personal finances as well.

August & Wonder The Market
The Market makes an eye-catching addition to the desk of any professional in the financial fields.

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Be it peak or trough, gentle tos and fros or tumultuous see-sawing, The Market has the you covered on that front. While it doesn’t pride itself to be a definitive provider of data that is continually in flux, its creators want the objet d’art to be a light-hearted work of art which serves a practical purpose that’s beyond just being pleasing to the eye.

The Market is made from a hardwood base finished with New Guinea rosewood, while the scale is made out of copper and brass-plated zinc. The sculpture can track 11 global stock markets and five major cryptocurrencies. It tilts in real time with an accuracy of up to 0.1% and can be further customised via an app (available on both Apple and Android devices).

Available at August & Wonder.