Awake Ravik electric surfboard

Riding on the new wave of electric personal mobility devices, Swedish manufacturer Awake has entered the market with their very own electric surfboard – the Ravik. Although it’s not the first electric surfboard out there, it packs a punch in a compact package and definitely ranks highly in the field (or waves), and it sure sounds swell.

The Ravik can hit top speeds of 56 km/h, reaching close to such figures in a mere four seconds. Its carbon fibre body weighs 35kg, including the battery pack which allows for 40 minutes of mixed riding on a full charge, while having a charge time of 80 minutes.

Awake Ravik electric surfboard

Now you’re probably wondering if its even possible to find even the tiniest semblance of a surf-worthy wave in Singapore’s sheltered waters. It’s a good question, and one that Awake’s Ravik already has an answer to. Operated by a brushless electric motor, the board – or e-board, if you will – is capable of making its own waves in calmer waters. A wireless throttle makes for easy manoeuvring for the surfer dudes and laypersons alike.

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There’s even a kids mode option available, alongside three other options – eco, sports and extreme mode. If you’re still worried about your kids flying off into open waters on an electric surfboard travelling at 56km/h, the Ravik comes with safety features to prevent this, such as an automatic system shutdown if the board has capsized. Now you can finally enjoy the sun, sand, and surf, with the whole family.

Awake Ravik electric surfboard

We want people of all ages to be able to ride the Awake boards,” Mikael Kajbring, co-founder of Awake, explains. “Regardless of whether they have stood on any kind of surfboard before.”

As a nice touch, there’s even a smartphone application for the board, that will tell you your battery life, power output and estimated riding time. All so that you can seek adrenaline, with a peace of mind – granted that your smartphone is waterproof, of course.

Available at Awake.

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