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Luxury homes: An idyllic tropical condo in Balmeg Hill with botanical elements

"Located on Balmeg Hill, this apartment is literally a home in the woods. "

Stepping into this apartment feels like you are entering a tranquil sanctuary surrounded by nature. The balcony stretches across its entire length, connecting the living room and all three bedrooms, and overlooks the lush greenery of Balmeg Hill with neither a building in sight nor a traffic hum in the background – both rarities in our concrete jungle.


Type of home: Three-bedroom condo in Pasir Panjang
Size of home: 1,507 sq ft
Who lives here: A couple and their two teenage children
ID: Parenthesis

  • Balmeg

    It comes as no surprise that the homeowners’ brief to Yanika Gunawan, design director of Parenthesis, was to bring in and connect with the surrounding greenery as much as possible in this renovation costing approximately $200,000.

    “We wanted a home that welcomes the outdoor greenery, something with a tropical theme that is laid back yet elegant. Also, bright and airy with an air of sophistication,” says the wife.

Art Direction: Kristy Quah
Photography: Vee Chin

This article was originally published in Home & Decor



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