We’re just under a month away from Matt Reeves’ ultra-gritty take on Batman (to be played by an equally broody Robert Pattinson) – but let’s not forget the director who brought the comic book world of the Dark Knight and modern-day realism together. That’s Christopher Nolan – who, among other things, redesigned the classic Batmobile into a tank-like behemoth (christened ‘the Tumbler’), rather than souped-up sports car of old.

And now, the Tumbler has been faithfully replicated by Hanoi-based Macro Studios, a design firm specialising in crafting comic-accurate costumers and accessories. The one-off, fully drivable Batmobile, which has room for one Caped Crusader and sidekick, doesn’t just deliver a top-end speed of 100km/h – it’s also fully electric.

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Photo: Macro Studios

The creation of artist Nguyen Dac Chung and his team of designers, mechanics and engineers, this replica of the Bat’s vehicle of choice isn’t quite movie-accurate: it doesn’t pack machine guns, or rocket jets tucked away in the chassis. Speaking of the chassis, it isn’t even bulletproof – the replica is lined with plastic, steel and carbon fibre panels instead.

That’s fine though, since drivers of the real-life Tumbler probably won’t be dodging bullets – not to mention how much easier it is to power a vehicle weighing around 600kg, around a quarter of its purported onscreen weight.

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Photo: Macro Studios

The studio makes up for realism in other ways: wheels that allow the Tumbler to navigate the dingy corners of Gotham with ease – two 13-inch tires for the front, and a quartet of massive 33-inch wheels bringing up the rear – and bodywork comprising a mixture of handiwork and 3D-printed parts for extra precision.

Nguyen’s Batmobile replica also comes with four outward-facing cameras for full situational awareness during high-speed chases – or extra safety when driving for, well, non-superheroes, who might not want to bump into other cars when parking their ride.

The Batmobile is currently on display at the Van Daryl automotive gallery in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. They’re already taking orders for the electric Batmobile on their website – ardent DC or Nolan fanboys, you know what to do.

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