Beovision Harmony Bang & Olufsen

Now more than ever, our home entertainment systems are being put to the test. If you shelled out the dough for a hulking 4K ultra-HD television, but skimped on the speakers, you’ve probably noticed that it doesn’t add up. Maybe it’s too bassy, or there’s distortion at the highs and lows. Bang & Olufsen and LG have come up with a solution: the Beovision Harmony, now a step up from its previous iteration.

First off, you’ve got far more to work with than ever before. The 88-inch screen is massive, and it delivers crystal-clear visuals in 8K, offering four times more detail than its 4K-equipped predecessor. This is further enhanced with a proprietary AI processor that leverages on machine learning algorithms to improve picture quality and fidelity beyond anything you’re likely to have experienced outside of an IMAX cinema.

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It also features a fully integrated three-channel stereo sound system and dual built-in sub-woofers below the television screen – but it’s also completely compatible with Bang & Olufsen’s speaker programme, so you could theoretically connect up to eight wireless Beolab speakers for an awesome 7.1 surround sound viewing experience. The wooden speaker covers are also graded to maximise acoustic performance.

Beovision Harmony Bang & Olufsen 1

The Beovision Harmony’s collapsible design gives it only a minimal footprint when not in use, while the oak and aluminium covers give the sculpture-like foldaway a warm, homely look. The TV is available in two main finishes, namely bronze toned aluminium with walnut, or brass toned with smoked oak – carefully chosen to match the level of cinematic quality the Beovision Harmony brings to the home.

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There’s a price to pay for such perfection, however: around US$49,000 (S$68,400). Says vice-president of Product Management at Bang & Olufsen Christoffer Ostergaard Poulsen in a press release, “Our customers tell us that they want the ultimate in cinematic and immersive experiences with a design that adds to the decor rather than disrupts it. This is exactly what we are bringing to the market.”

And with the sleek, functional and utterly brilliant Beovision Harmony, they have.

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