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Best smartwatches to own for 2019

What to watch out for in this season's wearable tech.

  • Mercedes Benz Garim smartwatch

    Mercedes-Benz-branded Vívoactive 3 GPS

    Got issues with driving-related frustration? The new Mercedes-Benz and Garim collaboration smartwatch will feedback agitation-related data like heart rate and stress levels to your car, which will then automatically adjust the environment to calm you down. Air conditioning, seats, lighting and music will all be tuned to soothe road rage, while new, stress-free routes will be calculated on your car's navigation system to ensure a smooth ride. The watch is by all means an add-on to the new Mercedes 2020 CLA Coupe, although no word has been put out if it'll be compatible with other vehicles yet. The watch is expected to launch in March 2019.


Garmin Instinct: A new military-standard smartwatch designed for the outdoors