BMW M has collaborated with Futura 2000 (real name Leonard Hilton McGurr), a renowned New York based street artist known for his abstract compositions and concentric shapes, to create a series of three unique vehicles, the first of which will be unveiled at the Frieze Los Angeles Art Fair.

BMW M2 Competition Futura 2000 2

Each of the sporty high-performance vehicles will be hand-painted by Futura 2000 – the automobile destined for the City of Angels will feature muted white dots and jagged lines on black with images of recurring saw-blades, one of his signature motifs.

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Unlike a regular canvas, the BMW M2 Competition’s interior gives Futura 2000 another dimension of play. The artist designed the interior trims on the instrument panel and centre console himself, going far beyond any custom paint job.

BMW M2 Competition Futura 2000 1

Of course, BMW M has done its own work with its luxe grey Alcantara sports steering wheel and Dakota leather sports seats in black and leather with contrasting polar blue seams. And with a 410HP engine and top speed of 280km/h, the sports coupe doesn’t compromise on speed or performance. Double round exhaust pipes and the signature M kidney grille round out the athletic and powerful vehicle.

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BMW M2 Competition Futura 2000 3

Unfortunately, you won’t get to own any of the three centerpieces designed by Futura 2000 (for now). Instead, a limited edition series inspired by these vehicles will be up for grabs. The BMW M2 Edition designed by Futura 2000 will feature hand-painted interior trims and center consoles by the artist himself – ensuring that your BMW M2 Competition is truly one-of-a-kind.

Available from June 2020. For more information, click here.

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