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BMW Is Developing Holograms for their Car Controls

Another year, another daring concept - and if the 7 Series is any example, we're likely to see this one come to fruition.

The future keeps coming faster. BMW announced mid-December that they’re looking into hologram user interfaces for their cars – conceptually at first, with a demo ready for the Consumer Electric Show 2017 in January.

In a scene right out of a science fiction title (or the recent superhero movie blitz), BMW owners will be able to reach out for a ghostly projection of a control panel and interact with it as they would with a touch-screen.

Dubbed the HoloActive Touch, this is, really, an almost logical step after the eye-opening, midair gesture controls that made it to the 7 Series in 2016 – barely a year after that concept was introduced.

Remember when gesture controls were a thing of the future? The 7 Series made it a thing of the past with a surprisingly well-implemented setup.

BMW’s earned a reputation for dreaming up (and implementing) cutting-edge interfaces for their customers, often beating out even consumer brands when it comes to making new tech mainstream. Our money’s on them to eventually produce the first self-driving hovercar.