[dropcap size=small]B[/dropcap]reitling’s done it again.  The Swiss horology house has been honouring a long-standing partnership with British marque Bentley since the latter launched the Continental GT in 2003; the dashboard clock was a Breitling affair.

This time, however, the watchmakers are adding a little extra. The new Breitling Calibre B55 is a “hybrid” digital / analog timepiece encased in titanium, and sports a carbon fibre dial. The default strap of the COSC-certified 46mm piece is rubber.

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The standout function, however, is its ability to pair with a smartphone to record your lap times, or to set up “race” modes so you can challenge yourself. A perpetual calendar and second timezone are among the more traditional complications. Hands and hour index markers are coated in luminescent paint for legibility.

It’s refreshing to see a new, bold take coming out of a 14-year agreement. Just don’t count on it being a full-fledged smartwatch – yet.