[dropcap size=small]D[/dropcap]itch the luxury sedan and get on that saddle. That’s what William Butler-Adams, CEO of United Kingdom’s largest bike manufacturer Brompton Bicycle UK, advocates. The strapping Brit who looks a decade younger than his actual 45 years, certainly pedals the talk.

The engineer-turned-CEO cycled to his CBD hotel from the airport, both to take in the sights and to prove that travelling with – and on – the brand’s award-winning foldable bicycles is a breeze.

On top of the obvious health benefits, he offers one more reason for top execs to join the cycling movement. “Time,” he says simply. “We have no time to sit in a gym, pedalling on a bike, going nowhere. That’s nuts! You may as well get to work (on a bike).”

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Butler-Adams is fresh from a think-tank dinner appointment with the Singapore transport minister, where the topic bandied about was on bringing the nation up to speed with other metropolises on the “livable cities” front. He thinks that the continued investment in cycling infrastructure here is fantastic, although notable change will take 10 to 15 years, as mindsets are the slowest to evolve.

“The CEOs and politicians – if they drive a massive Mercedes to work every day, everyone aspires to that,” says Butler-Adams, who believes that exemplary leaders are key in driving deep-rooted change. “Get on a bike!” he urges.

On Brompton’s part, it is beginning to explore partnerships with businesses here, by offering some bikes for employees to loan out. Pedal your way to the next big presentation? It certainly is one way to get the adrenalin pumping.


Instrument of Choice

The legendary ergonomics of Brompton’s folding bikes have won the brand many awards. Here’s what makes its bikes such great rides in the city.

“We’re living in cities, We’re working hard, We’re at our desks all day. And then when you’re in a car, you’re in a little zone. We need to get out!”

– William Butler-Adams Obe, CEO, Brompton Bicycle UK

Brompton Bikes


It allows you to wheel the folded bike easily, like a piece of luggage.


Two-speed is sufficient for urban cycling.


This means smoother rides, as the bulk of your weight is on the seat.


It’s positioned high, for better visibility and comfortable pedalling.


It’s M-shaped or straight, for more upright posture so you can see and be seen.


It keeps your riding attire and shoes clean.


They enable easy stowage in the home, office or car trunk.

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Chain Gang

Experts from other bike stores on which bicycles to consider for urban commuting, and why.

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