If looks could kill, the McLaren 720S comes close. Its presence can be as intimidating to other road users as the great white shark is to people. And, if there is a resemblance in the eyes and the front lamps, it is no coincidence. The fearsome shark inspired the supercar’s design.

However, it wasn’t just the appearance that has it jostling for pole position as the best-performing supercar. This McLaren has the muscles to match: a century sprint of 2.9 seconds, a maximum 710bhp and a top speed of 341kmh.

The owner of the first 720S to hit Singapore’s roads is quite unlike the brute in his possession. Bryan Chin, a vice-president with Covenant Capital, is congenial, charming to a fault and a private person.

If not for his dad, Lawrence, executive VP and relationship manager at the same company, the 32-year-old says he would not have taken delivery of the car in late 2017, just after its global launch. He was doing fine with his everyday BMW X1 and felt that a supercar was not befitting of his position in life then. But his dad had other ideas. Fond of supercars, he convinced his son to get the 720S together.

“Dad has always been a Porsche guy. He used to drive the 911 Turbo, and currently has the Macan GTS,” says Chin. “We talk about cars all the time. In early 2017, he was thinking about getting something radically different from the Porsches. We initially had our eye on the McLaren 570S and then heard the 720S would be launching soon and decided to hang on.”

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The wait proved fortuitous because they received the first 720S in Singapore. Both father and son have since taken it through its paces at the Sepang International Circuit in Selangor, Malaysia, where, Chin says, it reached a top speed of 300kmh on the straights.

“We go up to Sepang with at least 10 other McLaren owners. If Dad is busy, I go there without him,” adds Chin. “I like the 720S because it is built around the driver, is more connected to the road and, although the chassis is low, doesn’t have any problems going over humps.”

In Singapore, he drives the car more than anyone else in the family at weekends. His mum drives a Porsche Cayenne while his three sisters have no interest in cars.

“Dad and I are the only car buffs,” says Chin. “I don’t drive the 720S on weekdays because I don’t want to have to worry about where to leave the car attended for an extended period of time.”

With both men toying with the idea of an upgrade, especially with the likes of McLaren continuously pushing the envelope, Chin is all the more driven to build a successful career that allows him to indulge a growing love for exotic sports cars.

“We have been looking at the 765LT that is supposed to launch next year,” he reveals. “It will be more expensive but looks similar to what we have right now. So, we’ll just wait and see what happens.”

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