For most, musks are usually used as a base note – to set the mood or tone, often a background underpinning what you get when you take a whiff of a scent or fragrance. For Bulgari, however, the unsung song of musks have been brought into the spotlight with their newest additions to their Le Gemme collection.

Featuring three new men’s fragrances, the trilogy – to be introduced to the Italian jeweller’s high perfumery collection – is inspired by their very own “Gem Road”. Each fragrance in the collection is thus made after a specific jewel found along the “Gem Road”, and the newest three are no exceptions. But this time, working hand-in-hand with master perfumer Jacques Cavallier, Bulgari chose to make musks the focus of this line-up.

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Said Cavallier on musks: “They can be very clean or very sensual, or even both, but not at the same moment. And they help reveal the beauty of other ingredients.

“It’s like in a painting, to see the colours you need a background. A black background, for example, to see the light. For perfumes it is the same, and this is the way I use musks. The difference is that for Bulgari I’m using musk as a major ingredient. The background becomes the principal emotional actor.”

Bvlgari Le Gemme High Perfumery Collection Opalon

Inspired by the Australian white opal, Opalon is the “most Italian fragrance” in the collection. Made after a stone known for its lustre, it reflects the scent of a summer morning in Rome, where the city, its squares and fountains are all bathed in a fresh ray of sun. Top notes boast neroli, while a soothing layer of white musk lies below.

Bvlgari Le Gemme High Perfumery Collection Yasep

The collection then takes to Madagascar for the red jasper. Taking after the crimson gem, Yasep features spicier notes of Sichuan peppers, with a creamy sandalwood scent at the heart of the fragrance. The seemingly strange contrast between creamy and spicy make for a passionate and fiery, yet woody and milky interaction that is Yasep.

Bvlgari Le Gemme High Perfumery Collection Falkar

It is in Brazil that one would find the falcon’s eye, or the inspiration for the final scent in this collection. Taking after this blue-green stone associated with the majestic falcon and Egyptian Horus, Falkar resonates with middle-eastern opulence, with a nutmeg-cinnamon opening, but a black musk and agarwood leaving a mystical sillage.

Available at Bulgari.

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