One of Thailand’s leading stock exchange-listed developers, Noble Development has created some of the most stunning, exclusive residential homes in Bangkok.

The secret behind Noble’s success lies in the way they commit to their motto: be different, be noble. Each condominium and housing project features detailed design, superior quality materials, and professional property management. Architecture is naturally a top priority, but they also recognise that the living space itself is just as important. Home owners should be able to luxuriate in timeless surroundings – both outside and inside – for decades. Noble’s knack for envisioning the future is the reason their projects are built in Bangkok’s most sought-after locations, where the land price is set to skyrocket, promising good returns for buyers.

In the spirit of being a truly different property developer, Noble recently launched a successful campaign called ‘The Sound of Architecture’. Based on the belief that the aesthetics of architecture are not perceived through the eyes alone, Noble created a one-of-a-kind showcase where five of their iconic design projects could be experienced aurally.

Celebrated sound designer Sathapat Teeranitayapap, also known as Tum Monotone, customised five individual soundtracks that musically depict these five Noble developments: condominiums Noble Ploenchit, Noble Around Sukhumvit 33, Noble BE19, Noble BE33, and the housing project Noble Gable Kanso Watcharapol.

Tum Monotone recorded the sounds, both organic and made by interaction with the materials, on each site and put them through a sound synthesis process that converted them into graphic images. These are arranged to create melodies and rhythms to reflect the acoustic characteristics of each development and the surrounding neighbourhood.



For example, Noble Ploenchit is a modern high-rise project built around the concepts of ‘future living’ and ‘less is more’. Its architectural features include a curvy white-lined facade, a patterned floor juxtaposing white stripes against deep black marble, and a unique composition of white metal pool pillars. These manifest themselves in a futuristic sound with a sophisticated rhythm; the perfect soundtrack for dynamic, upscale living in Ploenchit.

Thanks to ‘The Sound of Architecture’, it is possible to experience holistically the beautiful spaces Noble has created, not just with the eyes but also with the ears. Which sounds like a pretty neat way to live.

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