Bose noise making sleepbuds

[dropcap size=small]B[/dropcap]ose has announced the launch of its noise-masking Sleepbuds, a set of diminutive earbuds that cancels out the sounds of things that go bump in the night. Every aspect of the Sleepbuds has been specifically engineered to promote restful slumber, so don’t expect these to play music, although they do come preloaded with 10 “sleep tracks” that work to cancel the frequencies of common noise disturbances like snoring and traffic, and replace it with soothing audio for up to 16 hours.

The Bose Sleepbuds

While the idea of going to sleep with earbuds on might sound uncomfortable, the Sleepbuds have been made for just that – each bud weighs just 1.4g, and measures only about 1cm wide, so you barely feel them even when adjusting your sleep position at night. While the device blocks external noises, it comes with an in-built alarm system so you can wake up to an alert that only you hear.

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