Money can’t buy you happiness, because, after all, an emotional state is ultimately intangible — but money can perhaps set you on the path to achieving it through yoga. While the run-of-the-mill PVC yoga mats may do the job physically, it might not be able to satiate the need for a true spiritual rejuvenation that so many of us need in this fast-paced world — not as much as this handcrafted leather mat from Chakracarma can, at least.

Featuring a vegetable tanned leather, handmade in Los Angeles, this mat takes luxury fitness equipment to another dimension. Using skins as mats for yoga may seem a little paradoxical at first, but the practice actually dates back to ancient yoga practice in India. In bygone times, yogis used the skins of dead animals — which they had not killed — as it helped to preserve the energy they had garnered through meditation. But the tradition had come to pass due to rising costs and scarcity of such rugs.

Chakracarma yoga mats

Any yoga practitioner would be familiar with the concept of chakra. Chakracarma’s mats also come adorned with ethically-sourced gemstones. These jewels are said to boost your chakra and raise the power of your energy field, as well as provide a complementary vibration to that which your own body produces, in order to produce certain healing or therapeutic properties. Choose from ruby; carnelian; amber; emerald; opal; sapphire; or diamond, according which best fits your chakratic needs.

Chakracarma yoga mats

In your search for inner peace, why not adopt a bejewelled leather yoga mat as your equipment of choice? It provides good support, superior grip strength, looks good, and will look even better over time, as it ages — which is why they even come with a lifetime guarantee.

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