Imagine waiting at the airport baggage area, watching as a carousel of luggage trundle past. You might get a couple of Samsonites, some Louis Vuittons and Rimowas. Then, something exceptional: a clean, boxy Scandinavian-chic dream built out of sumptuous leather and wooden panelling. 

High-luxury brands might have their fair share of travel-storage options, but Charles Simon takes it to the next level with understated, handcrafted pieces that you won’t find off the shelves. The Canadian company specialises in handmade luggage, focusing on a lean selection of briefcases, as well as carry-on and rolling luggage. 

While the rolling luggage comes built with functional, aeronautical-grade materials — including anodized black aluminium and carbon fibre — for a sturdy and light structure; the veneer of the model is all luxury. Bespoke options allow customers their pick of panel material, which includes hardwood like cherry and oak — all of which are crafted from log drive wood, some of them over a century old, rescued from Canadian waters. Their luthier picks the best parts of the logs based on the grain and colouration, ensuring that every piece crafted is unique. 

Meanwhile, all the leather parts used in Charles Simon cases are crafted with young bull leather, a supple yet tough material — sourced from a near century-old French family tannery — that can be dyed in your choice of 50 colours. 

Each piece also comes with the owner’s name engraved in the interior, with the option of an additional engraving on the handle.

The minds behind Charles Simon are former aeronautical and aerospace engineers, who put a combination of “computer-aided design, material strength calculations, dynamic simulations, and 3D renderings” into the baggage models. 

Functionally, the luggage a patented, automatic handle and wheels that seamlessly retracts when not in use, creating a sleek silhouette. Within, the case features an Alcantara (the same synthetic suede-like material that many luxury brands line the insides of their bags with) lining, and 30 litres of space.

Prices for the Bonaventure rolling luggage start from $29,850 USD ($41,390 SGD)

More info at the Charles Simon website