Visible in the iconic buildings by star architects, from Frank Gehry to Zaha Hadid, and in the proliferation of museums, high-end hotels and other-worldly retail spaces, design and culture in China have come a long way. On the ground, the swift rise of home-grown talent is notable. Its creative landscape has also matured dramatically in the last two decades.

As the industry moves towards a post-pandemic era – one that continues to see change unfold at seemingly lightning speed – the agility and innovation of Chinese design are proving more significant than ever in the transformation of our world, which has changed irrevocably since the start of the year, and led to us viewing the findings presented here in a very different light.

However, one thing still stands: in 2020 and beyond, China remains an imposing presence on the world and we are privileged to be a witness to this. In this report, CatchOn, a Finn Partners Company, evaluates the trends shaping the state of design in China and the extraordinary architects, designers, creatives, and tastemakers leading the charge.

This article was originally published in Catch On Finn Partners.


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