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The Solidarity budget’s $600 payout to tide Singaporeans through the Covid-19 outbreak just came in yesterday morning. For some though, it might not be enough: especially those who have incurred unforeseen expenses or suffered a loss of income. That’s where we come in – by donating to charities.

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Some charities to start : This portal is created by the National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre and is backed by Ministry of Culture, Community & Youth. Their portal hosts an exhaustive catalogue of various causes in Singapore today, including  services for migrant workers, support for food banks and other Covid-19 relief funds.

Community Chest : The Courage Fund was previously established in 2003 during the SARS outbreak. It supports those directly affected by Covid-19 (those who have contracted the disease, or whose family members have succumbed to the disease) as well as low-income families and individuals in need.

Beyond Social Services : Beyond Social Services hopes to provide support to disadvantaged children and youths and empower them to move beyond social services by the age of 25. During this period of uncertainty, their Family Assistance Fund focuses on providing food, financial assistance and Internet connectivity to rental homes around Singapore.

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Sponsor a meal

Food from the Heart : Another food-based charity that seeks to redistribute meals to lower-income families and reduce food wastage. They accept both cash donations and food donations of staple foods like rice or canned food.

Belanja Eat : Belanja means to treat in Malay: the charity’s simple raison d’etre is to pass along a meal for someone who needs it more. This initiative started by a group of friends who hopes the concept of treating can be extended to more than just meals, especially during the Covid-19 crisis.

Pre-loved items for people in need

Pass it on : This project connects us to a myriad of voluntary welfare organisations who have listed necessity items and a description of the family that needs them. For some needy families and individuals, a donation of an essential item like a washing machine can save them time and give them greater flexibility.

Sgbono : Started by a group of engineers, IT experts and enthusiasts, Sgbono focuses on providing IT support through free repairs, donated hardware or software, and providing assistance for grant application. Any computer, smartphone, network equipment, printers and peripherals in working condition are accepted.

Engineering Good : Another local charity that specialises in IT-related support, Engineering Good has previously had welfare programmes that involve the gamification of assistive technology, as well as innovative workshops to provide alternative methods of assistive technology.

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Of course, donations to local charities aren’t the only ways to support Singapore through the Covid-19 outbreak. Ordering takeaway or purchasing vouchers from local restaurants and bars will help the F&B industry (and its workers) bounce back.

Above all, keep yourself healthy and optimistic – your loved ones will thank you for it – and once the crisis is over, we’ll emerge stronger than ever.

Featured image by Kat Yukawa on Unsplash.