Round Coffee Table

Curves, curves, curves: they’re making a statement everywhere these days, and though they’ve recently resurfaced on the design radar as a fresh and trendy look, they’re in fact a timeless style that’s been around for some time.

These curves — in the shape of rounded silhouettes and graceful arches — are not only aesthetically pleasing, but extremely practical too. Arched shapes make a space feel a lot less boxy, providing a refreshing counterpoint to the usual right angles and visually elongating a space with their linear continuity. Rounded edges are also child- and pet-friendly, since there are no sharp corners to bump against and potentially cause injury.

Even if you’re not renovating your house, it’s possible to incorporate the curved decor trend into your home with a few choice pieces. Here are our favourite furniture picks from Castlery that’ll help you stay ahead of the curve (pun fully intended).

This article was originally published in Home & Decor


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