[dropcap size=small]W[/dropcap]orld of Wood (Wow) Floors brings the textural beauty and warmth of finely crafted hardwood floors into people’s homes, with premium materials sourced from the US, Italy, Estonia, Canada, South Africa and South America.

Responding to its clients’ requests for innovative and distinctive solutions, Wow Floors recently introduced Bole Curve Collection in its product range. As the name suggests, Bole Curve is the world’s first naturally curved hardwood flooring, where the timber is cut following the natural curve of the wood.

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This optimisation technology allows for parts of the wood that would normally be cut off during straight timber production to be utilised, helping to save natural resources.

Starting from the raw lumber stage, unique software-guided advanced woodworking machinery is used to process and tag each individual piece of wood. A dry lay is done in the factory at least twice to ensure a perfect fit and a high quality finish, before final installation is completed. The result is a floor that has preserved the curves of the wood, resulting in a highly unique, natural appearance.

Bole Curve floors are customised exclusively for each individual project, and the technology can be applied to any kind of wood, including oak, walnut and cherry. It is a great solution for any wood lover who is looking to make a statement in his or her home, while also trying to respect and conserve the earth’s limited natural resources.

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