Interior stylist Kerrie-Ann Jones shares how she infused warmth and a sense of relaxation into this luxury harbourside apartment.

Interior stylist Kerrie-Ann Jones shares how she infused warmth and a sense of relaxation into this luxury harbourside apartment. (Photo: King Living)

When it comes to furnishing a home, there’s a common perception that modular furniture is best suited to compact spaces. In fact, modular furniture works just as effectively in spacious homes. It allows homeowners the flexibility to rearrange their furniture and transform their living space to suit their needs. 

This was one of the guiding principles for interior stylist Kerrie-Ann Jones when tasked with dressing up this penthouse in Kurraba Point, Sydney. While the spacious apartment enjoys breathtaking views of Sydney Harbour and the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge, its design echoes the sensibilities of Singapore homes too. 

Elegant modular furnishings create a beautiful living environment for this penthouse with a view. (Photo: King Living)

With an open plan and generous floor-to-ceiling glass sliding doors, spaces flow into one another seamlessly to encourage an indoor-outdoor lifestyle.

Jones was mindful that modular furniture – such as sectional sofas for both indoor and outdoor use, ottomans and tables – are designed to fit together seamlessly. To create a cohesive look for the apartment, she turned to King Living. The luxury Australian furniture purveyor not only offers a comprehensive selection of modular furniture, but is also known for producing pieces that encapsulate an easy-living, laid back vibe. 

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The Art of Layering

To create a sense of depth in the living room, Jones layered the space with a mix of seating and surfaces, beginning with the Fleur Sofa as the anchor. The sofa’s folding backrests offer dual seating positions, providing both a contemporary low-profile look and relaxed deep seating with high back support.

The Fleur Sofa, along with the Issho Coffee Table and Issho Side Table , help anchor the living room with their organic shapes. (Photo: King Living)

Complementing the Fleur Sofa, Jones introduced the Issho Coffee Table and Issho Side Table in American Walnut. 

Everything was kept deliberately low-slung so as not to obstruct the view of the harbour. And with the furniture sporting curvaceous silhouettes reminiscent of smooth river pebbles, Jones was able to provide a connection with nature, reinforcing the indoor-outdoor essence. 

“Australian style is embracing the indoor-outdoor lifestyle,” she explained. “It’s all about creating a casual setting with luxury finishes.”

This design ethos, blending casual luxury and functional elegance, can also serve as an inspiring blueprint for Singaporean homes, where the desire for stylish, comfortable living remains evergreen.

A Soft Colour Palette

While bright colours bring energy and vibrancy to a space, Jones was conscious of creating a relaxed ambiance. To do so, she daubed into a palette of soft, muted tones such as beiges, browns and greys. 

 A neutral colour palette exudes quiet luxury. (Photo: King Living)

She used the Oliver Tub Chair and Crescent Outdoor Ottomans as accent pieces. The former offers the convenience of a hidden swivel base for easy movement and also elegantly fills corner spaces and pairs seamlessly with other furniture pieces. The ottomans offer versatile seating options. 

It helped that King Living’s fabric and leather covering range has more than 200 options to choose from, making it easy for her to pull an assortment of colours that work well together. 

David King, founder of King Living, said: “King Living is one of the few vertically integrated brands in the world, where the company has full control of the design, manufacturing, distribution, retail and aftercare service of its products worldwide, allowing us to provide greater quality of products and services to our consumers.” 

By cutting out middlemen and third-party vendors, consumers benefit from having a more seamless customer experience, especially in terms of after-sales support – whether they’re in Australia, Singapore or anywhere else in the world.

A Conscious Way of Life

The brand’s extensive range of upholstery options means homeowners can easily reupholster their furniture when they feel the need – or have the desire – to do so. This way, they won’t have to buy a new piece of furniture if they tire of the look and feel. It’s part of King Living’s sustainable ethos, enabling their customers to extend the lives of their favourite pieces indefinitely. 

King Living’s fabric and leather covers can be easily removed to replace or clean. (Photo: King Living)

This plays into the current mindset of buying less but buying better. High-quality furniture is meant to last a lifetime, and to that end, King Living offers an impressive 25-year warranty on pieces with a steel frame structure. This includes sofas, armchairs and beds. 

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Add a Touch of Warmth

If your living space has lots of sleek finishes and reflective surfaces such as glass, metals and polished stones, then balance it out with wooden finishes and veneers, says Jones. 

The Bellaire Bed (left), which has a customisable bedhead and base, sits snugly between the Serenade Bedside Tables. (Photos: King Living)

She suggests applying a liberal dose of timber tinges to each setting, such as the Issho Tables.

“The Issho Coffee Table in American Walnut helps to add warmth and depth,” she said. “This acts as an anchor for the room, drawing the elements together.” 

In the bedroom, she chose a pair of Serenade Bedside Tables – featuring a timber veneer based with a polished Carrara marble top –  to complement the Bellaire Bed, which has a neutral colour palette. The timelessness and elegance of such finishes are another hallmark of King Living. 

Furnishing the Outdoors

Jones approached the garden and balcony by furnishing it exactly as she did indoors, using modular, upholstered furniture in soft, natural colours. “Like using a colour palette when styling indoors, the same is true for the outdoors,” she explained. “You can use the same colours as the room that the garden flows from.” 

The Delta Outdoor Circle seamlessly facilitates the transitions between indoor and outdoor spaces. (Photo: King Living)

To that end, she used the Delta Outdoor Circle, a loveseat that is as practical as it is inviting. The upholstery is more heavy duty and made to withstand the rigours of the elements – an important consideration given Singapore’s tropical climate. They’re also easy to remove for cleaning, or replaced for a fresh look. 

Another added bonus: the furniture comes with King Living’s 10-year warranty on outdoor furniture frames, and five-year warranty on outdoor fabric covers. 

King explained: “Each piece is meticulously crafted to evolve with our modern lifestyles. Combining modern flexibility with innovation and engineered durability, we have created a collection with unparalleled weather resistance that can adapt to any outdoor space.”

To bring the entire look together, and add a personal touch, Jones finished the apartment with decorative touches such as freestanding sculptures, paintings, books, and bursts of florals and greenery. 

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