[dropcap size=small]I[/dropcap]n its bid to “design time,” Nendo has focused on the hourglass, one of the most ancient devices for measuring time. In use since antiquity, its form has barely changed over thousands of years. With the advent of digital clocks, the hourglass has become a symbolic rather than a functional object that signifies the idea of time.

To reinvent the hourglass, Nendo re-examined the action of gravity on sand falling through a narrow passage, altering the speed and angle of its descent to change the perception of the flow of time.

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This reflection resulted in four different pieces in transparent acrylic. The internal chambers through which the sand passes were carved by hand with fine metal needles and polished with abrasives, a procedure that gives these hourglasses an organic look that recalls clouds and puddles of water.

In the five-minute hourglass, which is equipped with two chambers, the sand initially accumulates in the left chamber, which takes two minutes to fill, before falling into the right chamber, which takes a further three minutes. In exploring the manner in which sand flows, Nendo is hoping that this collection will “redefine time”.

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Photos courtesy of Akihiro Yoshida