As for the body, the speaker is completely white with two push-push woofers and a full-range speaker. Apart from the expanded color options, the Phantom Premier and Phantom Reactor are nearly identical, but the Reactor can fit in your hand. The power, however, is another story.

The original has up to 4500W of power, whereas the mini-egg reaches either 600W or 900W, the latter version weighing nearly 4.5kg.

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Sound ranges from 18Hz to 21kHz, just a hair smaller than the original. Even so, these frequencies extend in either direction beyond the typical range of human hearing. The Phantom Reactor’s makers claim the speaker provides listeners with as much as they can possibly hear without distortion, saturation, or background noise.

You can connect the speaker to your music in pretty much whatever way you’re used to. Spotify Connect, Airplay, and Bluetooth among others will all play the same sound. Because the Reactor does not yet support stereo-pairing, only Airplay 1 can be used on the platform. Early next year, though, customers can start anticipating this upgrade.

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