Dyson - Reception (Night) 01

[dropcap size=small]E[/dropcap]ven those who don’t own a Dyson product have likely come across its eye-catching designs that reinvigorate function and redefine form.

The brand’s signature penchant for innovative spins has often been compared to that of another titan in tech world – Apple (in the Steve Jobs era, of course). So it’s something of a coup for tech-progressive Singapore when the British firm committed to moving part of their research and development from Malmesbury, U.K. to a sprawling new facility at Science Park Road.

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On why Singapore was the country of choice, founder James Dyson had this to say at the Feb 13 opening: “(Singapore has) some of the brightest minds, and, working together, we hope to create more breakthroughs… Singapore understands the value and contribution that engineers make to society.

“Ultimately, ‘success’ requires long-term investment, an international outlook, and a political agenda that understands this philosophy. Singapore is quite clearly at the forefront, and ambitious for the future. Dyson is ambitious also,” he added.

Dyson first made moves into the region as early as 2002 by setting up a production plant in Malaysia, in a bid to move closer to its top markets and suppliers both. Offices and a high-precision manufacturing plant in Singapore followed after.

The firm now hires a total of 1,100 staff locally, with plans to increase their engineering team by another 50 per cent. The team here will focus on developing new products and smart-home tech – most notably in the areas of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, vision systems and software development.

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