If there were two things luxury denim specialist Diesel and furniture maker Moroso have in common, it would be their love for style and also their new home collection. Spearheaded by the Diesel Creative Team, it keeps the polished look of Moroso yet has an edgy character, as illustrated by its shelter armchair. Forming an illusion of privacy with its wall-like sides, it is a representation of a collection that fashions something new by melding two distinct styles, sending you an open invitation to sink in with a book or two. XTRA, #01-01/#02-01 Park Mall.



When it comes to helping children fight cancer, Herman Miller doesn’t do it sitting down. Teaming up with Children’s Cancer Foundation and award-winning designer Larry Peh, the brand introduces the “Let’s talk black & white about positive change” campaign in the form of a monochromatic pop-up art installation. Arranged to resemble a caterpillar, the eight tables and lounge chair will be up for auction till Jan 31, starting at $8,000 per piece, with all proceeds going to the foundation. XTRA, #01-01 /#02-01 Park Mall.



Hansgrohe’s new Axor Cittero E line of bathroom fixtures intends to make that ruined hairdo your last. Volume and temperature control is a key feature of the collection, with distinct shapes marking specifi c controls, such as cross-handles for water volume and cylinders for temperature. The Select Thermostat technology allows separate control of the diff erent showers, and a two-way diverter indicates which shower head is in use, reducing the risk of making a soaking mistake. The collection consists of 37 products, from showers to washbasins, and is available in 15 colours. Hansgrohe, 69 Mohammed Sultan Road.